is an independent exhibition project for young and contemporary art.

deuxpiece is a non-profit platform for art and new exhibition concepts. Since 2009, seven to eight exhibitions, projects and publications per year have been realized with young artists, designers and graphic designers. As a nomadic exhibition venture, deuxpiece collaborates with other independent art spaces in Basel, Berlin and New York.

On occasion of its five-year anniversary, deuxpiece will expand its reach and intensify the core concept of exchange and collaboration. In addition to Basel as the main venue, two projects will be realized in New York, and another two projects will be hosted by art spaces in Berlin. This allows collaborations and exchange between artists of various cities as well as the realization of site specific works in reaction to the actual location, and also facilitates exchange between art spaces of different cities.

d e u x p i e c e is Claire Hoffmann, Stefanie Bringezu, Alice Wilke, Dominik Denzler & Bianca Hildenbrand