Cause the Lights Dont Work, 2014

Jan 12 – March 30, 2014
KECK–Kiosk from The House of Electronic Arts, 2014

In collaboration with Sarina Scheidegger, a program over a 3-month time period was organized. All events were hold three times, including the opening and speeches.

with guests: Sabine Himmelsbach (curator), Sweatproducer, Louise Guerra, Lovegang, Jörg Wiesel, Stijn van Belle & Helen Korcz & Anna Sujata Leukemüller, Celia and Nathalie Sidler, Eveline Vondeling, der Wagen für Nichts, Barbara Muff, Ulrike Kiessling, UFO (Lukas Huber & Michael Anklin)