Things you do seldom
a collaboration with Eliza Coolidge aka SIS

Sound instatalltion / Performance, 40 min

at Carrosserie, Basel
CR10, , Linlithgo, 2016

Things You Do Seldom is a collaboration of artists and musicians from Hudson (NY) and Basel. Starting off from the conceptual piece Die meisten Sachen macht man selten (Most things one seldom does) (1994–1997) by contemporary Swiss composer Ju?rg Frey, a 100 sculptures from found and forgotten objects were built to be repurposed as instruments and perform the piece.  A library of 100 sounds was created from sound-recordings of that event. It was passed on to musicians and artists, who were invited to make use of it as raw material for creating new works. At the Carrosserie, the sounds will be displayed on an interface, accompanied by photographic portraits of the instrument- objects by James Autery (USA) At CR10 the 100 sculptures built by Eliza Coolidge (Aka SIS), a Hudson based musician, Bianca Hildenbrand (a Swiss artist and curator) and  Timothy Severo (a local architect) will be played to perform the piece with 10 performers.

Performers: Nurya Chana, Destefano DeLuise,
Jenny Portney, Rebecca Borer, Lucas Severo, Samuel Wentz,
Timothy Severo, and more

Photographer: James Autery