Editing, 2014

Video with audio on iPad / loop, 17:06 min
Exhibition "Untitled – Edited" at Steuben Gallery, 2014

Installation view Editing, 2014
(Photos by Alex Forestier)

Bianca Hildenbrand manifests cultural evolution. She collapses time. She shifts the continuum. Cultural theory and digital projections are her devices; repetition and re-interpretation are her means. Recognizable materials in unrecognizable situations become both comfortable and jarring. The repeated forms and texts drive at our collective yearning for reliability and comfort, while hinting at a fear that may occupy each of us, in one way or another: the fear of loss. Whether digital or visceral, we all desire control over the things that define us as human beings on this earth. Sometimes, these essential items, paraphernalia, and digital detritus slip out of our grip and fall into the ether.

What happens when these memorabilia are lost, and we are no longer grounded in a certain place, or time, or memory? Can the repetition be reconstructed in some other way, via new technologies and softwares? Can the gap be filled digitally?

Hildenbrand encourages this questioning, this doubt about reliability. A digital archive will never be tangible, no matter how often we back it up on different servers. How, then, do we carve out an existence that can last?

Text: Jessica Adams

Exhibition view Untitled – Edited, 2014